Your appointment

  • Every appointment starts with a consultation, we're going to chat about what is your desired look and what shape and thickness you like

  • Our next step would be mapping, but first I'll clean your face (eyebrow and forehead area) and remove all makeup then, I'll draw your new eyebrow shape based on information you gave me and also based on general eyebrow rules for perfect placement and bone structure of your face, we can adjust them the way you like until you're 100% happy.

  • Once mapping is complete and my tools are ready my first step is creating outline, this applies to all - microblading / powder or combo brows. This step doesn't take long but it's very important!

  • I usually apply numbing cream after I'm done with my outline work, the reason is because numbing creams can affect your skin, when I do my outline is really important to be able to get a nice pigment retention, so I can see what my work area will be for my next step, however, if you're scared it's going to hurt a lot I can apply cream before I start my outline.

  • Next I'll be do your right brow first, then apply more numbing cream, then jump to your left eyebrow and procedure is done!

  • And SNAP! New Brows!

  • Then you will get instruction how to take proper care of them till they heal and your aftercare package and you're good to go!