My name is Michaela.

Updated: Jun 7

Well hello and welcome to my little Permanent makeup business blog!

There's so many things to say so I thought start a little blog about Permanent makeup might be nice for people who would like to know more then the basics of this business.

My name is Michaela and this will be my "ABSOLUTE HONESTY BLOG".

With time I'll be adding more and more information about all services I offer, but also tips and tricks how to make your eyebrows popping even longer and how to take care of them, myths and truths about permanent makeup and what's all behind.

So let's get started, grab your favorite cup of coffee, tea or wine and let's dive in into some reading :)

Let me know!

If there's any specific topic you have on your mind or something you would like to know, please leave a comment bellow and I will make sure that your question doesn't stay unanswered.

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