Microblading                  $399     $299

Microblading is a technique of cosmetic tattooing performed specifically on the eyebrows. It is done by manually depositing pigment into the  the skin. The hand tool made of microblading needles allows the artist to create the look of real eyebrow hairs by tattooing very fine hair-like strokes. For precision and best results our studio use "nano" blades the smallest blades available on the market. Best for: someone who looks for more natural final look with normal to dry skin, microblading isn't recommended for mature skin. 


Combo brows             $449    $349
Microblading & shading technique

Combo brows is a combination technique of microblading and microshading, where hairstrokes are microbladed and shading is added to achieve more deeper and fuller look. 

Best for: just like microblading, best for normal to dry skin but also can be adjusted to client's needs (more shading, less microblading), this option makes this service very unique


Perfection Touch up   $100

This is an initial appointment you will need to book 5 - 12 weeks after your first session. This session is very important as it will bring your eyebrows closer to the perfection. We will make sure your eyebrows are nice, full and even after they heal. Keep in mind that every client and every skin type is different and someone can have better pigment retention than the other. 

This appointment is available for our PREVIOUS CLIENTS ONLY

touch up.jpg

Important information:

Microshading                  $399   $299
Powder / Ombre brow                    

Powder/Ombre brows is imitation to the appearance of applying eyebrows makeup. It also offers a soft powdered, yet light fluffy edges with a defined arch to create your ideal brows look. This eyebrow technique can be applied to anyone who is looking for more "makeup" look. This can be done with hand tool or machine.

Best for: any skin type and mature skin

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